Now Is Not The Time---


So We're Postponing The Delmarva Dash

Delmarva Dashers:  

First things first--- thank you for your passion for our cause and your tremendous support so far of the Delmarva Dash!   Together, we have created something amazing!

But like you, we've been thinking about what our world is dealing with right now.  So after discussions with our race partners at Nemours and with government and healthcare organizations in Delaware, Pennsylvania and  Maryland, we've decided that now is not the time to be packing runners from all over the place into vans for 30 hours, or putting hundreds of runners together in a high school gymnasium to sleep for a few hours or under a tent at the ocean to celebrate together after running 200 miles--- notwithstanding that under normal circumstances, this would all be one heck of a great time!  Not to mention that over the next several weeks and months, many people in our region will likely have more important things to take care of... 

So we are postponing the inaugural Delmarva Dash until either this Fall or next Spring.  We hope to have the new date identified by July 1, 2020.  WE'LL BE ASKING YOU FOR YOUR THOUGHTS ON OUR NEW RACE DATE AND WE WILL KEEP YOU POSTED ON WHAT WE'RE DOING!  

You don't need to decide right now whether to come along on the postponed Delmarva Dash--- you'll still be able to cancel your team registration and receive a full registration fee refund (not including the processing fee paid to RunSignup) through September 1, 2020 if the new date doesn't work for your team.  But if your team does stay on-board, we'll send you back $200 as an "early" registrant for the postponed Delmarva Dash and to thank you for coming along!

Again, thank you all for being a part of the Delmarva Dash!