You don't need to be a runner to be in the Delmarva Dash!

We also need volunteers for the Delmarva Dash Race Crew!  Without volunteers, no event the magnitude of the Delmarva Dash can succeed.  The Nemours Promise Fund and A.I. DuPont Hospital for Children are indebted to those who volunteer in order to make the Delmarva Dash happen!  The Delmarva Dash starts at Nemours A.I. DuPont Hospital for Children, and ends at the Big Chill Beach Club in Delaware Seashore State Park near Bethany Beach.  Along the way, there are 36 transitions (TAs), where one runner from each team hands off the team’s baton to his or teammate running the next leg of the race. The TAs are staffed by volunteers, the Delmarva Dash Race Crew, who manage the flow of runners and vehicles coming through the transitions.  Each TA is identified by a number (T0 through T36), its location (town), and its open and close times. The nature of our event requires that two (2) Race Crew volunteers be at the TAs for the entire duration (from opening to closing).  The open-to-close window of a TA will be between four and eight hours, depending on the TA.  You’ll be responsible for your own transportation to the TA and your own food and drink during your assignment.  TA's open for more than four hours will be staffed in two shifts of two people each.  Race Crew volunteer duties include: Directing runners to the correct hand-off or relay exchange zone; Directing and assisting team vehicles for parking; Answering teams’ questions about the next leg of the race; Recording team numbers and clock times as racers enter the relay exchange zone; and Assist in closing of the TA.   All Race Crew volunteers will receive an official Delmarva Dash Race Crew shirt and are invited to the Finish Line party at the Big Chill Beach Club on Saturday afternoon!

Join the Race Crew!

Registration opens on July 1 for volunteers to sign up to be part of the Delmarva Dash Race Crew  by clicking the "RUN! VOLUNTEER! CONTRIBUTE!" button!